Top ASP.Net MVC plugin MVC is the powerful framework to building a web application. To reduce committed time in development, better UI which support all browser with valid dimensions so user can view and watch the content properly.

For contents we have to use some of the components like grid with all features like sort, filter, text editor, popup window and any other. Best suitability in our app we have to do googling for that and check they are compatible with our app or not. If compatible but they break any other working things.

Based on these scenarios we can use a TELERIK MVC framework in our application. Telerik is the best framework to play with these components and customized in our web according theme.

Telerik has all the components which we need in a app. It have 2 versions available, one is open source and other one is payable.

See more about Telerik and find a demo here

One thing we have to know about after integrating with our app. If we are using any Jquery in our web then might be telerik or our existing jquery plugin stop. This is due to multiple jquery versions in our app. To resolve this issue keep the Telerik version which support our existing JQuery or disable the Telerik Jquery use while registering the telerik components.

Html.Telerik().ScriptRegistrar() replace with Html.Telerik().ScriptRegistrar().Jquery(false), it will ignore the jquery load from telerik contents.