How to restart remote server / machine using Remote Desktop, Powershell or Command Prompt?

To restart a remote Windows desktop / laptop or server, there are several methods, which includes remote desktop (RDP), Windows PowerShell, or Command Prompt.
Here are some common methods to restart a remote windows machine:

Method 1: By using Remote Desktop (RDP)

If you have Remote Desktop access to the server, you can use this method to restart it:

Connect to the remote server using Remote Desktop by IP Address or System Name.

Once you are logged in, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and select "Restart" from the options menu.

Confirm the restart when prompted and provide comments in the box.

Method 2: By using Command Prompt (PsExec)

You can use PsExec, a tool from Microsoft’s Sysinternals suite, to restart a remote server from the Command Prompt. Download PsExec from the official Microsoft website.

Open Command Prompt on your local machine using "Run as Administrator"

Use the PsExec command to execute the shutdown command on the remote server. For example:

psexec \\RemoteServerName -u Username -p Password shutdown /r /t 0

Replace RemoteServerName with the name or IP address of the remote server, Username and Password with your credentials, and the /r flag for restarting and /t 0 for a zero-second delay.

Method 3: By using PowerShell

You can use PowerShell to restart a remote Windows server. Make sure you have the permissions and that PowerShell is enabled on the remote server.

Open PowerShell prompt on your local machine.

Use the Restart-Computer cmdlet with the -ComputerName parameter to specify the remote server's name or IP address. For example:

Restart-Computer -ComputerName <RemoteServerName> -Force

The -Force parameter is used to force the restart without prompting for confirmation.

You may need to enter your credentials if you're not already authenticated to the remote server.

If you don't have Name of the server then you can get the name by floowing command.





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