How to access your machine in browser using VNC?

Steps to access windows machine remotely using browser:

  • Download and install TightVNC , while installation provide password for access. all other info must be default.
  • Install Cygwin with Python? to C:\CYGBIN
  • Download Kanaka noVNC and extract it.
  • Copy Kanaka Folder to C:\CYGBIN\Kanaka
  • Now run the Cygwin.bat using “Run as Admisistrator”
  • Go to root using “cd ..”
  • Now go to Kanaka folder using cd.
  • Type “./utils/ –vnc localhost:5900”
  • After this command CYGWIN will display some configration with below URL.http://localhost:6080/vnc.html?host=localhost&port=6080
  • Type the URL in browser.. You will see a authentication popup. Provide password which you had setup in step #1.
  • Let’s Enjoy.



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