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  • How to restart remote server using Powershell?

    Some time we need to restart the remote machine or server, i.e. not able to connect through RDP. To restart we need full name of system, if not then we need to call then #1 to do that. If you already knows the name, then you can directly use #2, 1 []::gethostentry(‘’) 2 Restart-Computer -ComputerName […]

  • How to update the Max Memory at SQL Server?

    From the command prompt start sqlCmd using the Dedicated Administrator Connection (DAC). : net start MSSQLServer /mSQLCMD /f C:>sqlcmd -S ServerName -U sa -P –A Once you are connected, execute the following to set the memory to 4 GB, it should be enough to allow you to reconnect using the Management Studio tool. sp_configure ‘show […]

  • How to enable “Windows Authentication” for your websites?

    There are few things which we need to do before access the website using windows authentication. Web.config: Add or replace existing Authentication Tag IIS Express with Visual Studio: Click on your project in the Solution Explorer to select the project. Open Properties pane suing F4. In the Properties pane for your project: a) Set “Anonymous […]

  • RDP- Automatically sign out of disconnected users?

    Open the ‘Group Policy Editor’ for your server. Navigate to: Local Computer Policy / Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / Windows Components / Remote Desktop Services / Remote Desktop Session Host / Session Time Limits. Find the key ‘Set time limit for disconnected sessions’ Enable and set the Time Limit at dropdown, what ever you […]