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  • How to fix apache drill startup error on windows-10

    Apache Drill can be downloaded from here. It will works fine on windows 7 but it is giving error when you install it as embedded mode on Windows-10. Error is something like that after running the command: sqlline.bat -u “jdbc:drill:zk=local” Error during udf area creation [/C:/Users/<user>/drill/udf/registry] on file system [file:///] (state=,code=0) After googling I found […]

  • How to access your machine in browser using VNC?

    Steps to access windows machine remotely using browser: Download and install TightVNC , while installation provide password for access. all other info must be default. Install Cygwin with Python? to C:\CYGBIN Download Kanaka noVNC and extract it. Copy Kanaka Folder to C:\CYGBIN\Kanaka Now run the Cygwin.bat using “Run as Admisistrator” Go to root using “cd […]