How to fix apache drill startup error on windows-10

Apache Drill can be downloaded from here. It will works fine on windows 7 but it is giving error when you install it as embedded mode on Windows-10. Error is something like that after running the command:

sqlline.bat -u “jdbc:drill:zk=local”

Error during udf area creation [/C:/Users/<user>/drill/udf/registry] on file system [file:///] (state=,code=0)

After googling I found this is related to ownership and missing folder on users directory. To resolve it we need to manually create the folders and update the ownership of them. Below are the commands which we need to run before start.

mkdir “%userprofile%\drill”
mkdir “%userprofile%\drill\udf”
mkdir “%userprofile%\drill\udf\registry”
mkdir “%userprofile%\drill\udf\tmp”
mkdir “%userprofile%\drill\udf\staging”

takeown /R /F “%userprofile%\drill

How to access your machine in browser using VNC?

Steps to access windows machine remotely using browser:

  • Download and install TightVNC , while installation provide password for access. all other info must be default.
  • Install Cygwin with Python? to C:\CYGBIN
  • Download Kanaka noVNC and extract it.
  • Copy Kanaka Folder to C:\CYGBIN\Kanaka
  • Now run the Cygwin.bat using “Run as Admisistrator”
  • Go to root using “cd ..”
  • Now go to Kanaka folder using cd.
  • Type “./utils/ –vnc localhost:5900”
  • After this command CYGWIN will display some configration with below URL.http://localhost:6080/vnc.html?host=localhost&port=6080
  • Type the URL in browser.. You will see a authentication popup. Provide password which you had setup in step #1.
  • Let’s Enjoy.